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COVID-19 Updates

June 12, 2020

Update from the Governor's office:


As many of us found out yesterday, Governor Holcomb changed some guidelines with softball tournaments entering Stage 4 of the Back on Track Indiana Plan.  The outline below are the changes based from Executive Order 20-32 issued June 11, 2020:


1.  For venues with multiple, clearly seperate areas, such as seperate banquet rooms or multiple sports fields, each seperate area is permitted to have up to 250 people per gathering or meeting in each section or area, if the following can be accommodated:

       a. Ensure separate gatherings or meeting attendees do not comingle

       b. Within each segment/gathering, ensure 6 feet of social distancing between tables with seating spaced to achieve and maintain social distancing between individuals or households, and for classroom, auditorium, bleacher, or other style seating, ensure 6 feet of separation between individuals or household units

      c. Ensure seperate and designated restroom facilities for each site/gathering and designated facilities must be sufficient for the number of attendees in each section or segment.

      d. Provide hand sanitizer or other prevention supplies in each area

      e. Message that attendees are prohibited if sick or recently exposed to COVID-19


2.  Community sports facilities, public or private, including golf courses, driving ranges, baseball/softball fields, batting cages, soccer fields, tennis courts, basketball courts, and similar venues are open.  Social distancing requirements and sanitation measures shall be observed to the greatest extent possible when open and in use.  Use of community drinking fountains is not permitted.


3.  Community recreational sports leagues or teams, public or private, may resume, subject to the following:

      a. Non-contact sports such as baseball, softball, volleyball, tennis, soccer, golf, swim, and other similar sports may conduct practices, drills & conditioning, games, meets or tournaments provided that before games, meets or tournaments commence, the host or sponsoring venue has in place, submits to the local health department, and posts publicly a COVID response plan outlining the steps being taken, and to be taken, to ensure social distancing, increased sanitation and overall protection of competitors, coaches, staff, and spectators.


  • 2019 USA Softball 16U USA National Championships Shockwaves Rayman 16U finished 3rd in the nation at the USA Nationals in Virginia.
  • 2019 Armed Forces Championships Brett Williamson representing USA Softball of Indiana at the Men’s Armed Forces Championship.
  • 2019 USA Softball Men's D Northern Slow Pitch National Champions A special shout out to Buz’s/Valpo Family Dentistry for WINNING the USA Softball Men’s D Slow Pitch Northern National Tournament with a 6-1 record.
  • 2019 USA Softball National Council Meeting Awards USA Softball of Indiana representatives received awards for conducting outstanding 2019 National Tournaments (Bloomington, Evansville, South Bend) and for 30 years of Service (Mick Renneisen). Indiana was also recognized for registering the most adult slow pitch teams in the country, 2,374, of all USA Softball Associations.
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